Why I started Yoga for Fertility in Toronto

I am on this journey myself.

I am blessed to live a life I adore. I enjoy great health, am married to the most supportive, loving man, have incredible friends and a wonderful family. I am grateful for all that I have and at times it seems greedy to want more. But, I do.

Like many other women, I would like to become a mother. 

The path to conception is taking longer than I anticipated and the tools I have learned during many years of practicing and teaching yoga have been of invaluable help during this time.

I know how hard this waiting period can be. Numerous friends and acquaintances have navigated hardships involving fertility and it breaks my heart to know some women go through this feeling isolated and lacking tools to cope. 

I've created this program to help women find a sense of kinship and to share the practices I have found to be so beneficial in helping me stay balanced, healthy, positive, grounded, open & trusting of the journey.

I will tell you right now that nothing is more important than self-care. That includes giving yourself precious time & space to process the roller coaster of emotions and feelings that come up along the way; patience & compassion to accept your body's readiness and life's timing; commitment to do all that is within reach to be at your best possible health (physical, mental, emotional, hormonal, spiritual). 

It is important to take responsibility for the pieces of the puzzle we can influence and then surrender to life's mysteries with the trust that everything is and will be all right. 

You are stronger and more powerful than you know and I am here to support you and remind you of that.